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Latest Trends in Women’s Blouses, Tops & Dresses (2021)

With the latest developments in fashion, women now have more options when it comes to blouses. Although the traditional bubble blouse has remained as a popular and timeless style, there are still lots to choose from especially when it comes to blouses online Singapore. And we have listed below some of the amazing blouse trend this year. 

Asymmetric Fashion Style 

One of the hottest blouse trends for women is the asymmetric fashion style. Asymmetric tops are a great way to …

Business Loan

Loans: Definition and Types

One of the primal mediums used for buying, trading, and other related situations is money. With this entity, people can buy their needs, build their desired businesses, and pay for their healthcare. Over time, money has become more valuable than it was before. It then became the very standard of categorizing the power, level, and status of a person in society. As such, a wealthy person can buy all his or her needs, have proper education, obtain high-quality health care, …


Effective Tips In Using Your First Credit Card

You can use your first credit card towards building a strong financial future. You can establish a good credit score or build a mountain of debt that you will experience the struggle to pay for many years. Thus, before using your credit card, here are some tips to guide you unto the right path:

Check your Statement Regularly

Every month, your credit card issuer such as will send you a statement of the past transaction details from the previous …

Finance, Money Lender

Moneylender in Singapore

Are you in a money crisis? Then you are on the right page. CRAWFORT is here for your help. People in their busy lifestyles often forget to save some money in the present day. The rising prices of the products that you use in your daily life have become a significant issue for most people. Not everybody can afford well to get all the required products on time. You can get relief from problems monetary by taking help from the …

Finance, Money Lender

Things to know before borrowing loan from money lenders

We know that the prices of everything around us are increasing day by day. If there arises any unexpected expense, we are going to struggle. However, there is a simple solution to this never-ending problem.
You can borrow or take a loan from the bank or the money lenders. So, if you are thinking about taking a loan from any of the money lenders, then there are 5 things which you should know before doing so.

Important things


Maid Insurance Saves a Lot for You in Long Term in Singapore?

Following are the things covered by Maid Insurance in Singapore:

  • Hospitalization

Given the number of residential helpers stabilizing precariously on steps as they clean their employers’ windows, it’s an advantage maid insurance policy includes hospitalization benefits as well as medical expenditures. In case your domestic assistant falls ill, gets hurt, or lands in the health center, you can make a claim for the clinical costs.

This is worth remembering, especially as some companies do not like sending their residential assistant …