Maid Insurance Saves a Lot for You in Long Term in Singapore?

Maid Insurance Saves a Lot for You in Long Term in Singapore?

Following are the things covered by Maid Insurance in Singapore:


Given the number of residential helpers stabilizing precariously on steps as they clean their employers’ windows, it’s an advantage maid insurance policy includes hospitalization benefits as well as medical expenditures. In case your domestic assistant falls ill, gets hurt, or lands in the health center, you can make a claim for the clinical costs.

This is worth remembering, especially as some companies do not like sending their residential assistant to the physician unless they consider it absolutely needed, fearing pricey medical costs. Understanding that insurance coverage covers treatment will enable companies to send their residential helpers for medical attention whenever needed.

Outpatient treatment

Looking after your home can be a dangerous job. Imagine your assistant got attacked by your beloved pet, getting scalded while cooking, and so forth. Maid insurance policy in Singapore ought to use protection, not just for hospitalization, yet additionally for outpatient surgery, as well as other treatment. That implies that if your residential assistant goes to a hospital, yet is not warded, the clinical costs can still be compensated by the insurer.

Keep in mind that outpatient expenses are normally only covered if the injury is due to a mishap, so see to it you know when this insurance coverage begins. How much outpatient expenses you can assert depend typically on just how much your plan cost?

For example, HL ASSURANCE SINGAPORE Housemaid Insurance policy has outpatient expenditure protection that raises by $1,000 with each rate:

  • Tier 1: $1,000 Outpatient Expense Insurance Coverage
  • Tier 2: $2,000 Outpatient Cost Insurance Coverage
  • Tier 3: $3,000 Outpatient Cost Coverage
  • Personal accident

As mentioned above, personal crash insurance coverage is mandatory as well as fixed at $60,000. If your residential assistant is involved in an accident that leads to her fatality or irreversible disability, your insurance policy needs to offer insurance coverage of at the very least $60,000.

These payments will allow you to do right by your residential assistant and/or her family members back home, consisting of paying for repatriation if this is not consisted of by the insurance coverage.


If your maid passes away or is handicapped permanently, some insurance coverage will offer a different repatriation payment so you will be able to send her house. These costs can be pretty expensive, as well as it would be right and best to have the deceased return home to the household for correct as well as considerate funeral.

Safety and security bond

If you are hiring a residential helper from anywhere yet Malaysia, you will be needed by MoM to get a $5,000 bond from a bank or insurance provider.

In addition, if you’re employing a Filipino domestic assistant, you’ll likewise have to provide the Philippine Consular office with a Letter of Assurance for a security bond of up to $7,000. This letter ought to come from a trustworthy insurer as well as be valid for at the very least two years.

So, make sure your insurance provider will cover you for the bond(s). This suggests they will carry out to pay the government if you have the bond waived, and after that, recover the prices from you.

Wage compensation

Some maid insurance coverage will pay you a little everyday allocation each day if your domestic assistant is hospitalized or not able to function. This is suggested to compensate you for your domestic helper’s income, to make sure that she is still able to gain her wage whilst recuperating from whatever happened to her. HL ASSURANCE SINGAPORE maid Insurance coverage, for example, gives up to $30 a day in wage settlement throughout of the maid’s lack of ability to return to work.

Third-party obligation

While your domestic assistant is hopefully not most likely to go out as well as ruin somebody’s property, in case she or you as her employer winds up on the obtaining end of legal action, you’ll be glad if your house cleaning insurance supplies third party responsibility coverage. This can rise to $5,000, also for fundamental strategies.

Different help advantages

When your residential helper gets hospitalized or is out of action, some insurance policies will reimburse you a particular amount per day so you can work with alternative aid.

Crucial ailment cover

Not all policies offer vital disease cover, but those that do will pay a lump sum if your residential assistant is detected with a vital health problem. The protection would work comparable to any kind of another insurance plan with similar insurance coverage.

Maid’s personal possessions

Don’t be stunned if your maid has own smartphone as well as a laptop computer. Some insurance plans will shield your house maid’s individual belongings, so if they get stolen or harmed, you can assert payment on her part. As an example, HL ASSURANCE SINGAPORE provides $300 to $500 (depending upon the tier of your plan) is allowed cases for such things.


If you’re the distrustful kind, you’ll intend to look out for a housemaid insurance policy that safeguards your family member’s belongings from theft carried out by the domestic helper.

Replacement housemaid

If something unfortunate takes place to your domestic helper as well as because of this, you’re required to hire an additional; some maid insurance policies will pay firm costs to locate you a new residential helper. Keep in mind that your first residential helper’s agreement needs to have been terminated because of a significant enough occasion, like, fatality, emergency room. So, do not utilize this as an excuse to transform housemaids on an impulse.