Various Instances Where A Maid Insurance Can Be Extremely Helpful

Various Instances Where A Maid Insurance Can Be Extremely Helpful

According to statistics, around 250,000 foreign domestic helpers are working in Singapore right now. 1 out of 5 Singaporean homes employs a helper to complete the household chores. As such, maid insurance will not only provide financial benefit to you. This will also benefit your maid whenever something unfortunate happens in the future. As such, here are some situations in which maid insurance can be very helpful:

When it is Time to Bid Goodbye

You always want to give the best to your maid. This includes sending them back to their home whenever an unfortunate incident happened. According to the Ministry of Manpower, the employers must bear the full cost whenever they send their maids home when the employment relationship is terminated. But with the maid insurance Singapore policy, the repatriation expenses are covered in the event of sickness, injury, death, or permanent disability.

Whenever Personal Accident Happen

Similar to any other insurance policy at Hong Leong Insurance, maid insurance can cover permanent disability, injury, medical expenses because of personal accidents, and even death.

Sometimes, you might think that the maid insurance Singapore is very expensive. You think that nothing bad will happen to your maid or your family since they are professional.

But just imagine this scenario. Your maid is taking your kids for a stroll and they met a fatal car crash. This can happen to the death of your maid or your immediate family member.

According to the Singapore Police, there were around 8,000 road accidents that happened in 2018 alone. For every 100,000 citizens, there is a road fatality rate of 2.73 in Singapore. These statistics are higher than Hongkong, Tokyo, and London.

Moreover, there were at least three cases of domestic helpers falling from windows while they do their chores at their employer’s home in 2019 alone. In 2012, it has been said that it has recorded the highest number of fatal falls which totals seven cases. There are also minor accidents which are unreported such as burns and cuts. Our maids experience these things especially that they spend the majority of their time doing the household chores.

Whenever you Have to Terminate your Maid and Need to Rehire a New One

Based on the reports by the Ministry of Manpower, only 1 out of 3 foreign domestic helpers complete their contract while the two terminate it before completing. This can be due to accidental deaths, frictions with their employers, or permanent disabilities. As such, the Ministry of Manpower is looking for helpful ways to improve the livelihood of the domestic workers to ensure that they will become a better match for their employers.

But in the event of termination, the maid insurance at Hong Leong Insurance can provide reimbursements to the employer for the re-hiring process. This will free you from paying the security bond by being giving a letter ofguarantee to the Ministry of Manpower. Thus, this will save you from worries of spending money on the bond.

Whenever Surgeries and Hospitalization are needed 

Medical bills can amount to $1,150 for each day for the public hospitals. It can increase up for private hospitals in Singapore. Some insurance policies provide coverage for up to $15,000 each year to make sure that your maid can have the best medical attention and recovery when she needed it the most.

Moreover, you can get levy and wage reimbursement with a maid insurance policy. They can provide you with daily benefits so you can hire alternative support during the recuperation of your maid.

Indeed, claims are very easy to make. There are refunds to be made directly to the person of interest. This can be given to the employer, maid, or her next of kin.

Whenever there is Abuse

In Singapore, foreign domestic workers have increased from 200,000 to around 250,000 in the past ten years. As such, there is also an increase in societal problems like theft and violence. If you have valid maid insurance, you can go online and submit the requirements for faster processing. With this, you can process the claims in replacing any personal property lost in your residence or property owned by your maid.


Indeed, the Ministry of Manpower is constantly resolving issues experienced by foreign domestic workers to improve their safety and well-being. Any maid agency must be able to provide professional safety training for their domestic workers before hiring them.

Indeed, your maid works hard to provide you with the best service. So why not do something good to pay them for their efforts? Help them feel comfortable at your home by having an appropriate maid insurance policy now. Remember these tips and have the best maid insurance protection that you can afford. This will protect not only yourself but also the maid in your home.