Where To Get The Perfect Serviced Apartment In Singapore

Where To Get The Perfect Serviced Apartment In Singapore

If you want to decide on a place you’d be sticking around for a while, what would you like? Would you afford to spend a week in a hotel or motel? Or would rather find an affordable place with a hotel like amenities and the comfort of your own home? Sounds almost impossible? Well, there are in fact places to stay like this in Singapore. They call it serviced apartments in Singapore.

These serviced apartments in Singapore, are fully furnished rentable apartments with rooms, kitchen, laundry area and sometimes lawn and verandah. This apartment is cheaper compared to hotel accommodations. Serviced apartments in Singapore allow you to manage your chores as if you’re inside your own home. You can do your laundry, do the cooking and can watch tv and DVD hassle free. The appliances and items you wanted to be added to your apartment like a function table, an extra computer if you come here for work or a telephone can be provided by the service crew who is at your beck and call.

Unlike at a hotel where a maid or bellboy do everything, the serviced apartment in Singapore – AurealisGroup will give you the freedom to do what you want or even bring in guest you like. You have to make sure though that the number of children and rooms are specified during your booking. A washer and dryer are always available within the room, a kitchen can be furnished or not depending on which appliances would you like to have. Normally coffee, tea, utensils and a microwave oven are available. The fridge is also obtainable, can be filled with your requested frozen foods and items, or you can fill them yourself.

You can bring in outside food and cook it in this type of set up. You don’t have to worry because AurealisGroup serviced apartments are located near the famous tourist spots, so you won’t miss taking pictures of those. You can also find beautiful shops for trinkets and souvenirs or even famous restaurants and cafes just across these flats. Locals of Singapore are very hospitable and friendly, so you don’t need to care about your security and safety.